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meiros -> Shellac Color (Apr. 2 2017 17:46:30)


I want to finish my #3 and #4 Spruce Guitars with colored shellac. I found some images as reference (see attachment)

I want to do somthing similar. Spruce soundboard, Back and Sides with Cypres.

How do I get this color?

Is this full amber shellac or alternated with normal shellac?

And the back and sides have the same finish to achieve this uniform color?

jshelton5040 -> RE: Shellac Color (Apr. 2 2017 18:18:14)

I'm no expert on shellac but suspect all you need is dewaxed platino.

SEden -> RE: Shellac Color (Apr. 3 2017 12:22:46)

To get that colour I've used an antique pine tint in with the shellac.

estebanana -> RE: Shellac Color (Apr. 3 2017 12:26:08)

Yeah, that shellac has some tint in it. Dewaxed blonde with a hit of a subdued yellow. Or possible a yellow ground color. Experiment on scrap a lot first.

constructordeguitarras -> RE: Shellac Color (Apr. 4 2017 4:00:25)

I use colored shellacs. This place sells many:

Beware that they often come with impurities such as wax and insect parts. The wax I have found best removed by centrifugation of the alcohol solution, and simple filtration through cheese cloth removes the insect parts.

In your photo it looks like the rosette was not colored like the rest of the soundboard. I think it was probably masked while the rest of the guitar was sprayed with dye.

NorCalluthier -> RE: Shellac Color (Apr. 9 2017 16:15:20)

Hello Meiros,

I second the recommendation of as a source. I use their "orange/amber" dewaxed shellac, as it is the first that I have ever found that has a bit of red in it---it's a lovely color! All other shellacs and seedlacs that I have tried come out YELLOW, and nothing else!


Brian Burns

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