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withinity -> Tablaos en Granada (Mar. 28 2017 8:54:53)

Hey guys, finally after 4 months of Fiesta in Barcelona I have made my way down south :) :)

Still have not decided where I will be settling but am on a little Andalucian roadtrip with some friends at the moment and was wondering if anyone could reccomend some Flamenco Tablaos to us as they are keen to see some and I can tell there is alot of tourist traps around here , is this one called 'la buleria' any good ?

Also 20euro entry would probably be a bit too expensive , so something decently priced would be preferred.?

Any reccomendations are appreciated , so thanks for that.


eweinsc1 -> RE: Tablaos en Granada (Mar. 28 2017 21:00:01)

Le Chien Andalou (Paseo de los tristes) was great and only 8 euro if I'm not mistaken!

Piwin -> RE: Tablaos en Granada (Mar. 29 2017 3:39:30)

La Buleria doesn't have a cover charge. It doesn't schedule shows either. It's hit or miss. Don't expect anything to happen there before at least 1 am. This time of year I wouldn't expect much.

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