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Escribano -> Spring is springing (Mar. 6 2017 22:03:30)

Trying out some camera moves today. Thinking about making a documentary on just an iPhone, following life in my home town for a year.

Filmed on the iPhone 6 with anamorphic cinemascope lens and computerised gimbal

estebanana -> RE: Spring is springing (Mar. 10 2017 2:44:43)

It would be cool if you could suspend the phone from a stick 10 to 15 feet long so you could pan over the top of trucks or large objects and peek behind them. Or pan over the ground looking straight down like the phone is flying.

Make it, I want to see Bath bathed in light.

estebanana -> RE: Spring is springing (Mar. 10 2017 2:49:50)

Combine the computer gimbal with this idea but make the reach reeeeeaaaaaly long:

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