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Joan Maher -> Recommend a bandsaw? (Dec. 21 2016 14:37:44)

Hi Guys,

I am looking for a reasonable priced bandsaw for my small workshop any suggestions? I have tried to live without one but finding it hard.

many thanks in advance.


Stephen Eden -> RE: Recommend a bandsaw? (Dec. 21 2016 14:59:57)

You'll notice quite a few people have these saws.

a 3/8 6tpi blade will handle all or most of the curves and is pretty accurate for cutting in a straight line.

Echi -> RE: Recommend a bandsaw? (Dec. 21 2016 17:15:55)

Are you based in Europe or elsewhere?

Flamingrae -> RE: Recommend a bandsaw? (Dec. 21 2016 17:49:09)

Budget will dictate - Look on the secondhand market too. You can get some bargains at the right time. Depending upon what you aim to do with it will also affect your choice. I went for something that could cut a 200mm depth as I felt I might like to prep some of my own backs. Really I could do with something a tad bigger. Get the biggest machine you can for the budget and your workspace. Smaller will get pushed and the blade will tend to wander if you are going to take on larger stock. If you can, get some extraction too. About a £100 will get you a portable extraction unit and will help keep the workspace clean from the worst of the mess. I got a Dewalt model in the end and I have worked it hard. The capacitor went in the summer so I gave the motor a service at the same time. Had it about 6 years now. Also, check the blade replacement costs - that could influence your choice. If you keep the blade and bearings properly adjusted, this will save you money on breakages. Good luck

Joan Maher -> RE: Recommend a bandsaw? (Dec. 21 2016 19:34:22)

Many thanks for the replies I will go for Stephen's advice -looks like a good fit.

Thanks all and Feliz Navidad!

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