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sim999 -> Samuelito & Antoine Boyer album !! (Nov. 6 2016 10:10:00)


I posted some interesting stuff by these 3 months ago :

I repost some videos here, finally they have decided to record an album together.
Here the trailer :

Comments in the intro by Adam del monte, Roland dyens !!

A reminder for people who don't know them :

Samuelito is flamenco but he also did the classical paris conservatory. But he's real flamenco :

His own compositions :

(soléa / bulerias)

(rondena, great tremolo in this one)

Antoine come from gipsy jazz, but he also did the classical conservatory winning first prize. His swing is really influenced by his classical studies with counterpoint stuff etc while improvising. He played with bireli lagrène, rosenberg and he is writing his own story. I consider myself quite a connaisseur of the gipsy jazz scene and he's actually at the top.

his own compositions :

(yeah he did record when he was like 15)

(love this one)

(great arrangement)

These guys are insane players in their respective styles and already great composers.
This remind of the trio stuff, which I really like (passion grace and fire, and the guitar trio were really insane albums). I think Ricardo will like the project as well. The difference is that Antoine has better tone, better taste and is really an amazing improviser compare to Meola who did have insane chops but had a terrible phrasing. I love the blending between nylon and steel strings.

Some old videos of them playing together. I think the album will feature their own compositions.

On their facebook there is a small extract from monasterio de sal from pdl :)

Antoine using counterpoint while improvising :

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