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aqualibguitars -> Gut strings (Nov. 4 2016 13:09:19)

Hello friends.
with new post again.
I have found one manufacturer who can make gut strings for guitars.
but he needs the dimension.
can anyone tell me the thickness of strings in mm so that i can forward him the sizes.
if anyone is interested then pls pm me if the forum allows.
lets see how it goes.

Thanks in advance

constructordeguitarras -> RE: Gut strings (Nov. 4 2016 14:09:28)

LaBella sells gut trebles. You might want to try these before having any made. Their diameters are given at the linked page.

aqualibguitars -> RE: Gut strings (Nov. 4 2016 17:44:11)

Thanks sir for the link and ur advice.

Njål Bendixen -> RE: Gut strings (Nov. 4 2016 22:01:15)


I love gut strings. The only way to play the guitar! All guitarists should at least once try to play on gut!

You can get sets of gut and silk from Pirastro and Aquila. I have used Aquila gut and silk strings. The gut trebles are wonderful, but the silk basses are not as powerful as we are used to today. This is because silk is not as strong as nylon, and it is therefore necessary to have a very thick core (and thus less winding): This changes the tonal characteristics of the string. It is dark sounding and dull compared to nylon wound strings.

Of course you can get nylon wound strings that have the same tonality as wound silk (Thick core thin winding). Strings like these are not normally used on modern guitars though. They are used on lutes for example.

For me the ideal solution is gut trebles and modern guitar nylon wound basses.

When considering gut strings you have to consider the balance of the set. You did not specify what kind of bass strings you are planning to use. If you want wound on silk basses the 3rd string has to be rather thick. This gives a good transition from the bright trebles to the dull basses. If you are going to be using modern bass strings with this very metallic sound that we have come to expect form a guitar, then the 3rd string must be thinner, to alleviate the "3rd string problem".

Gauges for set with wound silk basses
1st: 66 or 68
2nd: 82
3rd: 100

Gauges for set with wound nylon basses
1st: 66 or 68
2nd : 82
3rd: 96

The sound is remarkably different with different thicknesses, especially on the 1st string.. You have to experiment. Personally I prefer 68.

Late 19c and early 20c guitar treble strings were usually oiled. Gut strings can be untreated, oiled, heavily varnished or lightly varnished. I personally like heavily varnished strings. Again you must experiment. If you need advice do contact Tom Neitzert from Bridgewood and Neitzert in London. He is extremely knowledgeable about strings. I know because I used to work for him.

aqualibguitars -> RE: Gut strings (Nov. 5 2016 6:01:59)

thanks bendixen for ur advice.
im planning to use only treble sets. .

the manufacturer can produce 0.6 , 0.7 , 0.8 , 0.9 , and 1 mm

and will use normal basses. silver wound. or something like that.

if anyone is interested in buying these sets. then pls pm me
only if the forum allows.
sry if i broke any rules. admin can delete the post if rules violated

Njål Bendixen -> RE: Gut strings (Nov. 5 2016 14:23:47)

0.1 mm increments is not fine enough. Gut strings are measured in 0.01mm, and it really does make a difference. Why not get the strings from a proper gut string maker?

Ricardo -> RE: Gut strings (Nov. 7 2016 12:51:43)

Ew, gross.[8D]

Leñador -> RE: Gut strings (Nov. 7 2016 14:09:15)

When they lose their brightness you can throw them in your menudo! [:D]

BarkellWH -> RE: Gut strings (Nov. 7 2016 16:30:02)

Flamenco a la tripe. As long as your fully-strung guitar is with you you will never starve. Please pass the trebles. I'll take mine medium-rare, thank you.


aqualibguitars -> RE: Gut strings (Nov. 8 2016 5:11:57)

Thanks friends
i have rechecked with him.
he can make from 0.4 - 4.5 mm
he said generally they make in this range for guitars
is it ok?
i have not understood what BarkellWH
are you interested in buying?

pbekkerh -> RE: Gut strings (Nov. 8 2016 18:16:10)

Aquila in Italy sells ready made gut strings and New Nylgut nylons emulating gut.

aqualibguitars -> RE: Gut strings (Nov. 23 2016 13:31:43)

Friends here what i recieved today
following size available
E ---- 0.62 ,0.64,
B ---- 0.84,
G ---- 1.02 mm

anyone interested? pm me

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Njål Bendixen -> RE: Gut strings (Nov. 23 2016 20:45:02)

Looks good. Let us know how they sound. How is the tonal balance (bright-mellow) between the strings. Are they treated? What are they made from? Who makes the strings?

aqualibguitars -> RE: Gut strings (Nov. 24 2016 4:30:39)

Sir. i will try today and will upload a video or audio.
its full handmade sheep gut strings in a small workshop and are untreated

pundi64 -> RE: Gut strings (Nov. 24 2016 21:05:28)


ORIGINAL: Njål Bendixen

Looks good. Let us know how they sound. How is the tonal balance (bright-mellow) between the strings. Are they treated? What are they made from? Who makes the strings?

Images are resized automatically to a maximum width of 800px

AndresK -> RE: Gut strings (Dec. 7 2021 17:39:38)

Hello. A very generous friend sent me gut strings for a gift, to try them. I have never played gut strings in my life before. I just post this here for reference. Not too much flamenco in this video (audio mostly) unfortunately, but one can hear the difference in timbre compared to regular nylon strings.


0:00 Francisco Tárrega - Recuerdos de la Alhambra
2:23 Verano Porteño - Astor Piazzola
3:26 Francisco Tárrega - Lágrima
4:31 Francisco Tárrega - Adelita
5:20 Sabicas - soleá
7:49 Jerónimo Maya - Tango
10:05 Paco de Lucia - Guajiras de Lucia
12:40 simple buleria compás
15:25 Francisco Tárrega - Capricho árabe
17:53 Agustín Barrios - Vals No.3
19:32 Isaac Albéniz - Asturias
22:44 H. Villa-Lobos - Prelude No.5
26:51 Fernando Sor - Op.9 Variations


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