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Gabewolf -> Palmas "tabs" (Oct. 9 2016 1:49:00)

Turning into a bit of a palmas junkie and was thinking about transcribing some palmas in a basic format and seeing if some people wanted to share their rhythms.

f - foot
c - clara
C - clara (accent)
s - sorda
S - sorda (accent)
r - rest

This is an example of a simple bulerias palmas my teacher taught me.

12(f) 1(s) 2(s) 3(S) 4(s) 5(s) 6(f) 7(S) 8(s) 9(r) 10(S) 11(s)

If anyone knows of a better way to notate this, feel free to let me know!

El Kiko -> RE: Palmas "tabs" (Oct. 10 2016 8:49:21)

might be handy if you could write it out in a kind of TAB or something ..
many programs and phone apps have the facility to write a new rhythm into it .. i use an app called OLE COMPAS for this..
so if i had a compas I could put it in pretty quick choose the number of bars speed etc and it loops itself ...
kinda looks like this

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Gabewolf -> RE: Palmas "tabs" (Oct. 12 2016 1:44:47)

Thanks! Downloaded that app, it is amazing!

athrane77 -> RE: Palmas "tabs" (Oct. 12 2016 10:12:22)

1 (f) 2(C) 3(C) 4(C) 5(C) 6(C)
for bulerĂ­a

Gabewolf -> RE: Palmas "tabs" (Oct. 12 2016 16:21:46)

Thanks for the advice, I do a similar palmas exercise where I do straight clara with the palms and accent the 12 3 6 8 10 with my foot.

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