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sissoko -> Work & organization (Oct. 1 2016 18:51:15)

Hi everyone
Any opinions on the best way to organize work ?

Is it better to have a standard way of heating up ?
Is it good to improvise when working technique ?
Is it good to separate techniques and pieces ?

I usually start with rasgueos on muted strings, then picado planting, then I practice piacdo licks ans usually improvise with picado to practise scales, then tremolo and arpeggios, then a pause and after that I work on palos with recorded loops and cantes, and at the end I work on written pieces. I always try to play lento y fuerte at the beginning, not speeding up before it's clean. But I don't always manage to do it.

What do you think ?

Piwin -> RE: Work & organization (Oct. 1 2016 20:16:05)

It's usually recommended to start the other way around, with "softer" techniques like arpeggio and tremolo, then moving on to the "harder" ones like picado and rasgueado, to avoid injury.

The rest is, I guess, a matter of personal taste.
I usually warm up by just noodling around a bit, usually with just some basic arpeggio and rhythm. Nothing "standard" in my case.
I wouldn't improvise while studying technique. I prefer to focus on one thing at a time.
I tend to separate pieces from technique, though my technical studies often use snipets of pieces I've used that happen to feature the technique I'm trying to practice.

LeƱador -> RE: Work & organization (Oct. 1 2016 21:52:17)

I always warm up with simple solea stuff. Then go into tougher things. I generally play palo for palo, I.E. 20 minutes solea, 20 minutes tangos, 20 minutes buleria etc I basically run through my falsetas and play rhythm and letra in between. I try to throw in new falsetas to challenge me when I can and I'll stop and clean falsetas up if need be.
I generally don't drill unless I'm really sucking at something required to accomplish a specific falseta.

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