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sorin popovici -> Madrid trip what to see and hear :) (Sep. 21 2016 9:26:12)

Hi guys,

Long time no see. Nobody probably remembers me :), cause it's been a while. In short, I've been well. I still love flamenco, been practicing a bit from the encuentro the Merengue de Cordoba videos which I think are awesome and learnt the Vicente Amigo tres notas... kind of a dream come true to be able to do it a bit.

I am going to Madrid this week, this Friday and I wanna see live flamenco and not the tourist experience if possible. I will be staying for 4 days.

Found this article

Do you have some suggestions where to go?

I also is it possible to try a Conde guitar will being there in the Conde shop? I don't have to dough to buy it will probably just get a traditional capo or something like that.

Also, sightseeing tips or where to eat good food and maybe have a drink are welcome.

Cheers :)

Piwin -> RE: Madrid trip what to see and hear :) (Sep. 22 2016 11:43:47)

Shame I'm out of town this week. Would've been happy to show you around.
Candela is a fun bar to go to (late). Café Berlin has been scheduling some really good shows of late but I guess that would fall in your "touristy" category. Alternately, and probably your best option, just call up one of the many penas around and see what they've got going on.
In non-flamenco stuff, el Matadero always has something interesting going on.
You could call up el Entri, nice guy, always happy to meet new faces.

sorin popovici -> RE: Madrid trip what to see and hear :) (Sep. 23 2016 4:09:16)

Thank you Piwin

I will check hopefully all these places you've mentioned. :)

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