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Brendan -> Juan Habichuela (Sep. 5 2016 17:12:09)

Right so faced with comprehensive indifference to my plaintive request, I've had to write this piece about Juan Habichuela myself.

I want to make a point about the family connections, and I notice that his wife's name is Amaya, and his grandson includes Torres among the various parts of his name. Do these indicate musically interesting connections to other flamenco families? All I've been able to find on her is this:


Committed though I am to this task, I'm not wild about reading enough back copies of Hola! to work out the family trees of Amayas and Torreses to see whether the connections with the Habichuelas are worth mentioning. Does anyone know?



Ricardo -> RE: Juan Habichuela (Sep. 5 2016 23:44:33)

I will say unless the connection is obvious or already admitted, probably not worth the time. For example Diego del Gastor is Amaya and when asked about connection to Carmen, he was like no no no....same with Montoya friends and relation to Don Ramon and so many others. I will leave it at "Cortez or Cortes" is a pretty gypsy name, and there are so many others but it need not connect families directly. "Heredia, Carmona, Fernandez" etc etc .... So many.


LeƱador -> RE: Juan Habichuela (Sep. 5 2016 23:48:16)

Amaya specifically is a pretty gitano name. Torres is super common even in Mexico, I had three or four in my school year book that were not related. How far back do you really wanna dig ya know?

Brendan -> RE: Juan Habichuela (Sep. 6 2016 14:20:59)

Yep, that's what I thought. But I was seized with the worry that I might be overlooking one of those connections that nobody ever writes down because everybody knows it. OK thanks to you both, that's helpful.


Estevan -> RE: Juan Habichuela (Sep. 12 2016 19:00:37)

What Ricardo and Lenny said.

Also, the wife you mentioned was the second one, and (iirc) they eventually separated. The guitar-playing grandson is via a daughter of the first wife (and the grumpy guy who runs La Buleria in Sacromonte), but my impression is that these are things we don't talk about, so it seems that discretion is advisable. Simpler for you.

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