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sim999 -> Insane Vicente Rasgueado + 1996 concert (Aug. 28 2016 17:03:46)


Check this supersonic crisp rasgueado by Vicente at 20min10 until the end.
Abanico to the next level :)
Always end with the same buleria but here the tempo was quite high.
Arpeggios are also quite strong.

On the same channel they have a full 1996 concert of Vicente. All the album of vivencias imaginadas is played including the rondena and the minera, el mandaito etc !

Ricardo -> RE: Insane Vicente Rasgueado + 1996 concert (Aug. 28 2016 18:50:15)

Excellent. While we have seen most of that stuff in high quality before, I had never found that falseta at 1:12:04 (black and white vid) which I had transcribed and worked on in college. Love that section, thanks for finding these.


sim999 -> RE: Insane Vicente Rasgueado + 1996 concert (Aug. 28 2016 21:24:16)

You're welcome. I really like Vicente as a musician, Vivencias Imaginadas is for sure his best album.
I will put in my top 5 favorite "guitar" records. Great Palos selection. All the compositions on there are World class. El mandaito just "flow".
Every falsetas make sense : full of melody, never seemed forced while being sometimes very technical. The rondena and the minera are among the best compositions I've heard in their respective palos, what an intimate climate in these. And finally the production is top notch, not to much reverb, but modern enough to catch all the dynamics, volume changes, silences which are a big part of VA style.

mellowmel -> RE: Insane Vicente Rasgueado + 1996 concert (Sep. 6 2016 1:39:06)

He has insane rasgueados alright! Starts out at the very beginning. And that Reyes sounds great as always.

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