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etta -> Hernandez y Aguado, 1959 blanca (May 29 2016 22:06:04)

I inquired about locating this guitar a few years ago but want to throw out the question again; has anyone seen or heard anything about this guitar lately that might help locate it? It is a 1959 blanca I purchased from Carlos Montoya when I was just a kid. It is inscribed inside "especial para C. Montoya" and signed by Hernandez and Aguado. There may have only been a dozen or less of these blancas made. Please contact me if you have info. Thanks

bernd -> RE: Hernandez y Aguado, 1959 blanca (Jun. 10 2016 22:38:19)

There are 2 shps in Germany you can get in touch with. The first one is Mundo Flamenco in Freiburg, best known for his biggest flamenco guitar selection in Europe. Johannes Inhoffen, the shop owner, has a private collection not listed on his website. So you should get in touch with him by email.

The second is Siccas Guitars in Karlsruhe. Despite of High End classical guitars, they sell collectors item flamenco guitars such as Ramírez and Esteso from the beginning of the 1900th years. Getting in touch with them, it´s possible to ask for one of the following staff: Mirko Sicca, Manuel Sicca or Manuel Lucena. They all speak English, German and Italian.


Hope I could help you. Good luck!

Saludos - con mucha harmonía y compás ;-)

etta -> RE: Hernandez y Aguado, 1959 blanca (Jun. 11 2016 1:58:55)

For Bernd; thank you very much for the contact info regarding the H. y A. I will chick out these sources.

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