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eccullen -> moments of inspiration (May 1 2016 22:57:52)

An Estebanana project that I thought this was so cool I should share it here for those who might not have seen it:

estebanana -> RE: moments of inspiration (May 2 2016 4:18:15)

Hey Dr. C.

Thanks for the mention. I was thinking about showing that one here. I'm putting some shellac on it now and I'll hone the set up. Super fun project, I got rated Mad Scientist by several readers!

I made a small guitar that has cello tuning, CGDA, but can be played with right hand flamenco /classical technique. I can't pay the cello late at night in my shop because it is too loud, I conceived of a practice guitar tuned in fifths so the left hand would be the same as the cello but not LOUD like my cello. The fifths tuning CGDA allows you to read bass clef cello music, but use right hand flamenco technique, even some rasgeo. Not sure what I will do with it yet in flamenco, but it is less farty than a bass. It plays very well and I am enjoying learning how to work it through the Bach Suites for cello.

As per usual I have crappy sound quality but I'm gaining on saving for a new sound recording rig. A few more months.

Here is the video explanation:

LeƱador -> RE: moments of inspiration (May 2 2016 4:35:23)

Cool! I seem to remember you talking about that house pine before. Sounds really cool, dug the Bach cello suite and the Dan electro head!

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