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sim999 -> Vicente amio new bulerias (studio) (Apr. 30 2016 11:38:11)

Hello everybody,

While searching videos on youtube I found a Bulerias by maestro Vicente that I never heard before, seems to me that it's a new one that should be on his new record ?

I really don't know how it end up on Youtube though...

Not really a hardcore bulerias, the guitar seems to "just" accompany the different singers (montse cortes and Vicente himself I believe ?), very laid back. The introduction is very reminiscent of his previous works, after that it is all about cante. I don't have an opinion about it yet.

Bulerias2005 -> RE: Vicente amio new bulerias (studio) (Apr. 30 2016 14:08:28)

This is from a record released in 2004, thankfully, because it would be really underwhelming if this is the sort of thing he has on the upcoming album.

sim999 -> RE: Vicente amio new bulerias (studio) (Apr. 30 2016 16:17:45)

Thanks for you quick response I was afraid it was from 2016...

siliconsoniquete -> RE: Vicente amio new bulerias (studio) (May 2 2016 21:04:38)

Which 2004 album?

rombsix -> RE: Vicente amio new bulerias (studio) (May 2 2016 22:26:41)


Which 2004 album?

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