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Vince -> Unusual flamenca design (Apr. 24 2016 15:43:28)

Today I have finished a new guitar.
It is not really a traditional flamenca. The customer send me the wood for his new guitar last year. The wood is called "Speierling" (Sorbus domestica).
It sounds sweet. I have to put a tap plate on and trim the nut before I can bring it to the client.

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tijeretamiel -> RE: Unusual flamenca design (Apr. 24 2016 16:17:34)

Very nice.

Only the second guitar I've ever seen with that particular back and sides. Looks like lovely stuff.

Cervantes -> RE: Unusual flamenca design (Apr. 24 2016 22:30:38)

Looks amazing. Like the red / green purfling, sort of Italian flag looking.
Hope you can post some sound samples before you send it off.

Vince -> RE: Unusual flamenca design (Oct. 5 2016 11:03:42)

Here is a sound sample.
The Guitar is played by Jörg Hofmann at Siccas Guitars.

pundi64 -> RE: Unusual flamenca design (Oct. 5 2016 22:08:41)

Unusual , different, in my books very nice.

Stephen Eden -> RE: Unusual flamenca design (Oct. 6 2016 7:55:27)

Looks and sounds great Vince! Congratulations

rojarosguitar -> RE: Unusual flamenca design (Dec. 23 2016 6:00:14)

Sebastian Stenzel just finished a classical guitar with Sorbus Domestica (witty pear, sorb tree) back and sides. It seems to be a very promising wood for guitars not yet hit by CITES...

Great sound, your guitar! Where are you based in Germany?

Vince -> RE: Unusual flamenca design (Dec. 23 2016 14:36:03)

rojarosguitar, I talked to Sebastian Stenzel a view days ago about the wood.
My workshop is not far from his workshop, Im situated between Freiburg and Basel (CH).
Indeed this is a nice wood, especially for classical guitars.

rojarosguitar -> RE: Unusual flamenca design (Dec. 23 2016 20:07:06)

Is it possible to visit you? Do you have flamencas to play in your workshop?

Vince -> RE: Unusual flamenca design (Dec. 24 2016 14:36:13)

Where you from?
Yes I have a Blanca you can play, unfortunately it is not for sale in the moment.
If you visit me, don't expect a great workshop. But I have enough space for you and me [:)]
You can contact me via email if you want.

rojarosguitar -> RE: Unusual flamenca design (Dec. 25 2016 11:17:55)

OK, fine. I'm from Sölden. I don't expect a great workshop, I like to meet people!
At the moment I'm at my fathers place, but'll be back beginning of January and I'll contact you per e-mail. Happy x-mass and all the best for the New Year!

PS I'm really stupid, I just have discovered the link to your hompage beneath the post! So you are Markus Held...

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