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IraqiOud -> Glue the Nut! (Apr. 9 2016 2:10:46)

So I wanted to ask about the point behind not having the nut glued by default.. I have a Ramirez and a Kremona guitars and both came with the nut not glued so when I took the Ramirez to a local luthier to set it up he wanted to glue it and said he doesn't personally know why they leave it unglued. What difference it makes?

UPDATE: I think I posted it in the wrong section as this must go under luthier. but I'm not sure how to delete and repost under the correct category.

Escribano -> RE: Glue the Nut! (Apr. 9 2016 14:52:54)

I am not a flamenco luthier, though I dabble in making electric guitars. The nut does not need glueing as the string tension of a properly setup guitar holds it in place. Though, if the neck, nut or saddle is out of alignment, the nut will not sit straight.

I think it is because the nut may require changing with wear and should sit snug enough to come out with a sharp tap. I sometime use a small drop of glue to hold it in place if it is a bit loose.

My opinion only, of course and wait to hear from the pros.

jshelton5040 -> RE: Glue the Nut! (Apr. 9 2016 20:08:12)

Escribano is correct. If the nut is loose and you're worried about losing it or breaking it when it falls out there's nothing wrong with a tiny spot of glue to hold it in place.

If you decide to glue it put the dot of glue on the end of the fingerboard as this facilitates removing the nut later with a little tap.

IraqiOud -> RE: Glue the Nut! (Apr. 9 2016 20:44:12)

Thank you Simon, and John.. It's reassuring to know that it doesn't cause any damage or affect the sound quality.

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