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Steelhead -> Let's be frank about flamenco (Apr. 8 2016 21:16:44)

Admit it: None of us can stand the grotesque habit of making the voice go stark raving mad, in a manic jumble of violent gurglings and warblings, as if to boil down the beauty of Spanish music, turning its merits into something disgusting. Who can really bear to listen to one of these singers, unbuttoning his collar so as to wail louder? Who can tolerate the vocalist’s perpetual castanetting of the lower jaw when singing? Who can listen without annoyance to that furious whinnying with which the wretch shouts his head off for entire hours? And finally, what ears can possibly stand the continuous clanging of a bad guitar, and the ponderous weight of the right hand that slams down like a mace onto the miserable strings?

Cloth Ears -> RE: Let's be frank about flamenco (Apr. 8 2016 21:22:22)

Looks like that troll is back from the other week.

Yes, I also hate the twangy sit down people and those idiots that dance. Art is so twentieth century. Move along, nothing to see here.

Leñador -> RE: Let's be frank about flamenco (Apr. 8 2016 21:27:06)

Are you steelhead cus it's the only thing dumber than a blockhead?? You in the wrong place hombre, go back to the Taylor Swift forum.

IraqiOud -> RE: Let's be frank about flamenco (Apr. 9 2016 3:30:14)

Amazing how if you only remove the first line of what you said, then you will be describing everything I love about Flamenco and Middle eastern Iraqi music.

Leñador -> RE: Let's be frank about flamenco (Apr. 9 2016 4:08:34)

You need to remove flamenco from one of your interests and put Spanish guitar.
Maybe we'll be lucky enough to meet up in a dark ally in LA somewhere. [:D] xoxo
Sorry this post just infuriates me....

minorthang -> RE: Let's be frank about flamenco (Apr. 9 2016 5:25:38)

lets be frank about Chinese music/ and or atonal music , heavens sichuan opera ??
mr john cage

well respect that all its best to be attentive to all styles and chill with em -- thats a guitar type thing-- and we should proud of it.

flamenco offers a plethora of culture and musical dream lands to all

Escribano -> RE: Let's be frank about flamenco (Apr. 9 2016 7:41:23)

Is this intended to be ironic? If you are serious and prefer solo guitar, then stick to discussing just that. I leave my comment for your benefit but lock the thread as incredibly insensitive and unhelpful.

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