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12850bd -> flamencoguitarclass.com (Mar. 14 2016 5:25:30)

Be careful when dealing with them. I have been a member for a few months. All of a sudden password does'nt work and my user name does'nt exist on there data base. I am not a member anymore ?? However they still debit my paypal. You cant contact them by email to complain unles you sign in. Catch 22!!

Piwin -> RE: flamencoguitarclass.com (Mar. 14 2016 7:09:06)

Could you perhaps create a new account and tell them your problem through that new account? Or do you have to pay just to create a new account?

El Kiko -> RE: flamencoguitarclass.com (Mar. 14 2016 10:23:02)



thanks for the heads up on that one , it mat be a data glitch and sortable ...are you still trying ?

edit ....Jose Luis Rodriguez is a member here....! just looking at site now ...

edit edit .. I think he was in TOMA FLAMENCO with Tino Van der sman

jlclarinel -> RE: flamencoguitarclass.com (May 8 2017 12:41:37)

Sorry to hear that.... I'm outo of the website functionality. I just record the videos and prepare the classes. But, please, try to contact with Berto Boyd. He is one of the WebSite developers. bertoflamenco@gmail.com
Thank you

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