Farruquito at Lisner Auditorium, DC, March 8 (Full Version)

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BarkellWH -> Farruquito at Lisner Auditorium, DC, March 8 (Feb. 14 2016 20:00:26)

I am currently spending two months (February and March) in Oro Valley, just north of and adjacent to Tucson, Arizona, so I will be unable to see the performance. Nevertheless, just to advise those who might be interested, my good friend and flamenco teacher Paco de Malaga told me telephonically yesterday that Farruquito will be performing at GWU's Lisner Auditorium in Washington, DC on Tuesday, March 8, at 8:00 PM. It should be a great performance.

The temperature and weather here in the Tucson area is perfect! Clear skies and 80 degrees. A far cry from Washington, DC, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Northeast.



Leñador -> RE: Farruquito at Lisner Auditorium, DC, March 8 (Feb. 15 2016 2:47:54)

I've got tickets to the Irvine show! [:D]

BarkellWH -> RE: Farruquito at Lisner Auditorium, DC, March 8 (Mar. 11 2016 17:13:41)

Since February 1, Marta and I have been renting a condo in Oro Valley, near Tucson, Arizona to escape the worst of the Washington, DC winter. Thus, I was unable to see Farruquito at Lisner Auditorium in Washington, DC this last Tuesday, March 8.

This morning I was on the phone with my good amigo and guru Paco de Malaga in Washington, DC who did see Farruquito's performance. Paco gave Farruquito two thumbs up, saying he was very good (not surprising! and Paco is not easily impressed.). Paco said that Farruquito and a female dancer were the only dancers and both were exceptionally good. There were two guitarists, both very good, and a percussionist who played a conga drum rather than a cajon. (That's an interesting development. I have always thought that the cajon sounds a lot like a conga drum, particularly as it was played on Harry Belafonte's "Day-O" way back in 1958!) The only thing Paco questioned about the performance was the presence of four cantaores! He thought that was overkill. I would have to agree. What is the purpose of four cantaores? Otherwise, Paco thought it was a very good performance. Just wanted to pass on a quick review from a professional flamenco guitarist in case anyone on the Foro has plans to see a performance by Farruquito on his tour.

The weather has been delightful in Oro Valley/Tucson, and the wild flowers are blooming with an abundance of creosote and palo verde trees. Still haven't decided if we want to ultimately anchor ourselves in Tucson or the Tempe/Scottsdale area. There are distinct advantages to each.



Ricardo -> RE: Farruquito at Lisner Auditorium, DC, March 8 (Mar. 12 2016 6:28:36)

I took him out to dinner with the percussionist, female dancer, and one female vocalist. The three were nerding out on YouTube watching flamenco dance vids the whole time (the singer however was very sweet and talked to us all night). The thing with the singers...two were VERY good, and two, yes didn't really need to be there. The percussionist had several instruments including cajon, but did more palmas than anything, and at the end danced a bit of buleria as good as the other two. I think he is more of a dancer after all. Asking about young hopeful Carpeta, Juan (farruquito) said his young brother is mainly into playing guitar and chasing girls these days.


Leñador -> RE: Farruquito at Lisner Auditorium, DC, March 8 (Mar. 12 2016 13:41:51)

The show in LA was easily the best flamenco show I've ever seen in LA. Four cantaores was maybe overkill but it didn't bother me. Every single person on the stage was insanely on point.
Next up, Vicente amigo! :)

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