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Cervantes -> Arpeggio Exercises (Feb. 10 2016 16:31:29)

Any good flamenco sounding arpeggio exercises to break the boredom?

Piwin -> RE: Arpeggio Exercises (Feb. 10 2016 23:26:40)

My go-to at the moment for arpeggios is Gerardo Nunez's piece "Trafalgar". If I remember correctly, there are tabs for it with his Encuentro CD and it's in his tab book "El Arte de Gerardo Nunez"
To play the entire piece is insanely hard but he plays a lot of different arpeggio patterns in it. I usually just pick a part and make a loop out of it so it's nice for practice and since it's an actual piece
it sounds like music much more than some exercices do.

Leñador -> RE: Arpeggio Exercises (Feb. 11 2016 1:25:36)

Do you know a basic alegrias escobilla? Or any simple tangos arpeggio falsetas?

xirdneH_imiJ -> RE: Arpeggio Exercises (Feb. 27 2016 17:35:13)

Gerardo Núnez has excellent exercises in his book.

Dudnote -> RE: Arpeggio Exercises (Feb. 27 2016 20:40:19)

You tried learning this?

or this?

both have tricky arpeggios and sound better than boring exercises. For the latter, it is just a bog standard up-down arpeggio used as a kind of remate, but mixed with the other techniques getting it consistently clean as you clock up the metronome can be challenging.

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