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Natosha -> bar F7.. (Jan. 28 2016 22:23:19)

i'm really bad at bar chords but i'm trying to go better, coz of my fingers they are weak..
anyway i play the major and minor a bit fine ..
but when i play B7 it sounds ok also bm7..
but when i play the F7.. i get everynote but the D string.. ..
i'm trying to play si tu me quieres gipsy kings to practice it.. but if i used the other virthions for the chords.. some times its looks like - x - - - x ... in this case i must not play the A and the low E ... but if i strum like a rumba or resguado..
must i avoide them to ?

rombsix -> RE: bar F7.. (Jan. 29 2016 0:04:12)


Sr. Martins -> RE: bar F7.. (Jan. 29 2016 0:11:04)

If you're having trouble with that shape at the moment (this one? 1 3 1 2 1 1) try doing the same thing but with a 4 on the B string (1 3 1 2 4 1), this way it doesn't matter if you're getting muffled notes, just make sure you get that 2 (G string) and 4 (B string) ringing.

Eventually you'll get better at doing bar with your index finger but you could also check if your nut isn't too high.

Natosha -> RE: bar F7.. (Jan. 29 2016 0:32:43)

rombsix [:)]
Sr. Martins... thanks u .. but when i play it i still miss the D string .. so i hear (1 3 x 2 4 1)
i face this problem with every 7 high strings chord.. like F7 F#7 G7 G#7 so on.. but with the low strings chords i p[lay them ok like bm7 , c7 .. so on..
anyway thank you :)

Sr. Martins -> RE: bar F7.. (Jan. 29 2016 12:51:28)

THat's what I said.. you can muffle or miss it, doesn't matter. 13x241 is a perfectly functional F7 voicing.

Also, you can apply it to the other chords you're having trouble with.

Example of G#: 464574

Example of G: 353463

It doesn't matter if you don't make the note on the D string ring out because you're playing that note on the B string.

Leñador -> RE: bar F7.. (Jan. 29 2016 13:10:02)

Ideally he should be able to play an F7 as is though.
I feel like it's not a matter of strength but technique that's your problem. You're likely holding the guitar wromg. Maybe you're pinching too much and you're thumb is in a bad position and your other fingers that aren't barring are not perpendicular to the fretboard.
You're right arm elbow should kind of, ever so slightly be pulling the body back to push the fretboard into your fingers. You should be able to (uncomfortably mind you) but you should be able to squeeze out chords with NO thumb on the neck.

FredGuitarraOle -> RE: bar F7.. (Jan. 29 2016 14:38:23)

Sometimes the shape of your index finger might be a problem too. I have very skinny fingers and no matter how much pressure I did that D string still sounded muffled. My finger isn't straight and the part of the finger that goes over the D string doesn't have enough flesh to press it. However if you work hard enough on this you will eventually be able to play it, it just takes a bit more time than usual.

As Sr. Martins said, maybe the nut on your guitar is too high which makes it even more difficult. If that's the case practise with a capo on the first fret.

Good luck.

El Kiko -> RE: bar F7.. (Jan. 29 2016 21:13:25)

I think it may be because that chord is so close to the nut you have to push down harder ,, for those with weak hands ..

however if you put a capo on the 2nd or 3rd fret say you will not have to press as hard .. and any stretch is a bit less

if so then start on the fourth fret for a while then 3rd then 2nd until you get used to it and finally no capo ...

maybe ........

Dudnote -> RE: bar F7.. (Jan. 30 2016 0:27:03)

Alternatively, concentrate on barring the bass notes and leave the B and top E open, es muy flamenco asi!!

Natosha -> RE: bar F7.. (Jan. 30 2016 5:30:40)

Sr. Martins
ok ^^ thanks then i'll try to miss the D while trying to practice it too ^^
i'll try while practicing barre chords to do that and try to push my fingers without the thumb in back o.O its seems to be very hard :D thank you ^^
and well, i'll give it all the time it wants ^^ anyway thank you :)
El Kiko
yeah i saw a video showing a play on the guitar neck from 3rd fret till 9th fret.. a G major then C major.. so on..
i'm trying to do it with major, minor 7 every day
and yes maybe i play it some day ^^ thank you :)
asi es flamenco si ^^
but can i make the bar without press the top E ! just 5 strings! its seems weird! anyway i'll try it ^^ thanks .. my knowledge about the flamenco still a bit and i still have a lot to learn ^^muchas gracias

Sr. Martins -> RE: bar F7.. (Jan. 30 2016 16:42:58)


Without getting into much theory, a F7 has 4 notes, which means that if you play each one on a different string without repetition, you'll end up using only 4 strings.

The bass note is important if you're playing by yourself so I would advise you to keep that 1 on the 6th string and make sure that you play 2 on the 3rd string and 4 on the 2nd string.

Here's an alternative that doesn't involve a barre with the index finger: 10121x

Another one with a trebly voicing: xx324x

An alternative if you really want to leave out the low F in the 6th string: x31211 (you still do a bar with your index on this one but the tip of your index will be on the 4th string instead of the 6th)

I am just saying this because I think it's more important that you hear the correct function of the chords and get used to that instead of fighting with your guitar and ending up playing a plain F major chord (that's what happens when you don't make that tricky note sound).

Dudnote -> RE: bar F7.. (Jan. 31 2016 2:06:23)


asi es flamenco si ^^
but can i make the bar without press the top E ! just 5 strings! its seems weird! anyway i'll try it ^^ thanks .. my knowledge about the flamenco still a bit and i still have a lot to learn ^^muchas gracias

Sure. It happens quite a lot in flamenco that you bar two or three strings and leave the top E or B open. So in what I suggest above you bar just the E, A and D. Obviously, this only works in palos when adding the B or E to the chord is not going to sound ugly e.g. 9 times out of 10 it sounds bad if you accidental play the B when playing "por medio" (standard for bulerias, tangos...), but when playing "por arriba" (standard for soleares) you'd get away with it.

Perhaps the most common bar on two strings is the A chord when playing por medio x02220 (played with just the first and second fingers, x01120). You kind of have to bend the finger back to get it to do that which can take a little time to get used to if you're not so flexible. Another bar which is useful is the B flat major chord with added top E, xx3330 (just with 1 finger) where you can use the other fingers to play melody with the thumb whilst doing arpeggios or other stuff (see intro to Guajiras de Lucia for an example).

Natosha -> RE: bar F7.. (Feb. 8 2016 3:50:21)

Sr. Martins
ok thanks i'll practice those chords hard to get used for the sound :) thank you very much

i'll try to practice them and ok i'll try to play guajiras thank you ^^

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