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HeyDukeLives -> Luthier/Repair Stories (Nov. 30 2015 0:55:05)

A good friend of mine is a luthier and repairman, and once told me this true story of a customer.
Thought I'd start a thread in case any other luthiers/repairman might have a story to share along this line....bizarre/funny

Guy comes in with a Taylor acoustic. Says he'd like a set up, but that under no circumstances was the luthier to clean, wipe, dust any part of the guitar. Curious, my friend inspects the guitar and sees the inside is full of grayish dirt. He looks up and jokes " what'd ya bury your grandma in here?"

Pretty close.

The guy dumped some of his mother's ashes in the guitar to keep with him.


estebanana -> RE: Luthier/Repair Stories (Nov. 30 2015 9:41:51)

How do you know is was his mom and not actually his grandma?

HeyDukeLives -> RE: Luthier/Repair Stories (Nov. 30 2015 14:04:07)

When my friend, the luthier, in jest, said " what'd ya bury your grandma in there "?,
The customer responded; " no, it's my mom's ashes ".
He wasn't kidding.

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