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HeyDukeLives -> Pedro Soler (Nov. 29 2015 21:10:41)

Just wondering if other folks enjoy this gentleman's playing as much as I do.
Very old school solo and accompaniment style. You can really hear his integrity through his playing.
He made an experimental album with his cellist son gaspar Claus.....just an old Blanca and cello....
Far from traditional but there are some really beautiful moments on that record.....called Barlande.

Dudnote -> RE: Pedro Soler (Nov. 29 2015 23:38:50)

I had his Sombras album on an mp3 play a while back and it got a lot of replays. A nice slow and simple approach to toque with lots of space for the music to breath. It lived up to it's name. I really liked it.

I just heard his collaboration with Gaspar Claus for the first time on YT. I don't know Gaspar Claus, but he strikes me as being in quite the same mold as many musicians doing the contemporary circuit in France. After a while all those efforts to sound new and different to conventional music do tend to sound like the same formula is being applied again and again. From what I heard on YT there is potential in that collaboration, but it would be much better if Claus could move his playing closer to cante and away from current norms on the French contemporary scene.

Richard 3 -> RE: Pedro Soler (Dec. 18 2015 9:45:01)

Being one of the old folks, Ilike his playing too.

I would like to play more of his music, but there are very few of his pieces published, nothing by Claude Worms and nothing by Alan Faucher.
Anyone knows the reasons?

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