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ManosqueVuelan -> Cordoba 45FP? (Nov. 27 2015 20:57:23)

I've been eyeing a cheap blanca with friction pegs, wondering if this would be a worthy candidate for my taste.
Still confused whether I should go for it or not.

Leñador -> RE: Cordoba 45FP? (Nov. 28 2015 14:29:39)

ive played one, it was fine. I'd never pay $1,000 for it but if your getting some sort of deal it might be fine. Most I'd pay for it is $600 range, for $1,000 you can do better.

tijeretamiel -> RE: Cordoba 45FP? (Nov. 28 2015 16:52:14)

Depending where you are, you could either get a Francisco Navarro Student guitar with pegs for under $1k, or if you are in Europe there is a Valeriano Bernal €850 or so.

Both of those guitars would be my preferential options above the Cordoba 45FP.

HeyDukeLives -> RE: Cordoba 45FP? (Nov. 29 2015 20:47:20)

In the realm of $1000, the Francisco/Marlon Navarro Student Blanca is the way to go.
It was my first flamenco, with pegs and a French polish finish -$50 extra but worth it.
A true dry and raspy flamenco voice....I really enjoyed it.
Plus you are supporting a skilled family business,
Not a multinational corporation ( Córdoba, etc )

Go forth, you won't regret it.

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