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MikeC -> Julian Lage (Nov. 15 2015 15:40:07)

I know this is not flamenco related but since I know a lot of us have very eclectic tastes in music in feel like talking about this excellent musician.

Last night I went to see the Julian Lage Trio in Ft Lauderdale. It was one of the most enjoyable and inspiring jazz concert I've experienced. It is a guitar, upright bass and drums trio. All three musicians were outstanding and had incredible musicality. It wasn't a display of virtuosity like in many jazz concerts. All solos were very tasteful and the chemistry between them was great.

Julian played the whole concert with a Telecaster and a Fender Twin Reverb amp. Clean sound but full of color and grit when he wanted. A trully amazing guitarist.

His latest CD is a solo acoustic guitar album and is very good. But seen him live is a whole different story.

If he comes to your city I recommend planning to see him live.


tri7/5 -> RE: Julian Lage (Nov. 15 2015 18:02:46)

Dude is a beast.

HeyDukeLives -> RE: Julian Lage (Nov. 29 2015 23:18:58)

And the fact that he and Blake Mills are now buddies is downright frightening....

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