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Guest -> [Deleted] (Oct. 13 2015 6:04:46)

[Deleted by Admins]

Leñador -> RE: What's up from LA (Oct. 13 2015 11:33:23)

Whattup from West LA. Lemme know if you need any advices on teachers/shows.

Guest -> [Deleted] (Oct. 14 2015 18:27:16)

[Deleted by Admins]

Leñador -> RE: What's up from LA (Oct. 14 2015 20:31:19)

I'll PM you.

jimand -> RE: What's up from LA (Oct. 15 2015 1:24:12)

Is Ethan still teaching? I heard he was less involved these days.

Leñador -> RE: What's up from LA (Oct. 15 2015 2:17:57)

Indeed! He's my current teacher, and friend. Although I've not been taking lessons actively for a little while now. I'm not sure he ever had a ton of students though. Yeah, lately he's not been super active in flamenco, he's been focused on his Sir Sultry stuff, pretty interesting and creative stuff he's coming up with lately.

Guest -> [Deleted] (Oct. 15 2015 5:50:35)

[Deleted by Admins]

jimand -> RE: What's up from LA (Oct. 15 2015 6:31:08)

Cool! Ethan is well versed in the cante. He gave some great workshops in San Diego 10 years or so ago.

Leñador -> RE: What's up from LA (Oct. 15 2015 14:12:37)

Yeah he's a great teacher, our classes mostly consisted of him singing and me failing trying to keep up with his improvisations. Lol

Uthemus, where bouts are you? For whatever reason most teachers are around the north Hollywood area, like all of em basically lol. Sucks for me to get over there.

Guest -> [Deleted] (Oct. 16 2015 5:23:21)

[Deleted by Admins]

Leñador -> RE: What's up from LA (Oct. 16 2015 14:49:20)

I know the area well, I lived off La Brea and Adams for a couple years, they don't love bald headed tattood white guys down there though lol. Grew up in Sylmar/Pacoima area.

Yeah there's no thread for specific techniques, the info is kinda scattered. Use the search function up top and you can find a lot.
Regarding injury, no technique should ever injur you no matter how much you do it so let yourself heal and take another look at how your doing it. Many injuries are tension related, everything you do should be done relaxed. Practice drunk [:D]
I remember I told one of my first teachers, "I'm practicing a lot so my wrist hurts" and he said "well then your practicing wrong."

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