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andremaaker -> Hello! Guitarist from this small country... (Oct. 9 2015 21:43:02)


I've been using this forum for a few years now, but haven't registered yet. I started to play guitar 20 years ago. My background is mostly jazz, improvised-music with all kinds of influences. Flamenco has been an important influence as well, specially for recent years.

Here's some music that I am currently working on:

And I'm going to Andalucia at the end of October for three weeks and would like to meet other musicians there! So if you happen to be around Seville, Córdoba or Malaga, let me know!

Greetings from Estonia!

machopicasso -> RE: Hello! Guitarist from this small country... (Oct. 11 2015 10:44:02)

Welcome to the foro.

You might want to post a separate thread to ask if anyone's going to be in Andalucia while you're there.

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