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Paul Magnussen -> oldschoolflamenco.com (Sep. 18 2015 20:42:47)

Someone here is asking an unanswered question that I can answer. When I try to log on, I get bounced off because my ID has been deactivated because I haven’t logged on for a long time.

But when I try to join, I’m told my name and e-mail are in use, and to get re-activated I need to contact an administrator.

But to contact an administrator, I need to be logged on.

Does anyone here know the e-mail of an administrator, and if so, could they PM me with it?


Escribano -> RE: oldschoolflamenco.com (Sep. 18 2015 20:51:53)

Captain Bob is no friend of mine or of this forum. So no help from me I'm afraid.

Paul Magnussen -> RE: oldschoolflamenco.com (Sep. 18 2015 21:11:31)

Ah! Flamenco feuds! Quite nostalgic, reminds of when I was living in London. Someone actually called a friend of mine to say that he (the caller) was giving a party, and he (the callee) wasn’t to come… [:o]

(Not to mention a few years ago in the Bay Area as well, but that’s another story.)

estebanana -> RE: oldschoolflamenco.com (Sep. 18 2015 23:50:41)

Another classic flamenco move, someone who was not invited does not know when or where, so they ask someone who they assume is invited, "Hey what time are going to the party?" response: "Oh around 9pm at Carl's"

The crasher then has the time and place, given up by unsuspecting invitee!

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