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MikeC -> Podcasts (Jul. 30 2015 2:17:45)

I'm sure this has been mentioned here before but the only reference I found was from 2011. For the people who don't know about these resources, I found 2 podcasts in iTunes: Nuestro Flamenco and Flamenco en R5. Both are from RNE (Radio Nacional de España).

I've started listening to Nuestro Flamenco. This program is hosted by José María Velázquez-Gaztelu, the same person from the Rito y Geografia series. This show is great. The first part of the show (prologo guitarristico) is, as the name implies, about tocaores (guitar players). The second part includes cantaores. At least this is the format that I've noticed in the few podcasts I've listened to. The music selection is excellent! They also invited guests. The only thing I don't like is hearing about all these great events in Spain because I can't go[:(]

The other podcast, Flamenco en R5, was just added to my list but I haven't listened to it yet. Sounds promising though.

Just wanted to share my "discovery". Please feel free to share any other resources. The deeper I dig into the world of flamenco, the more I love it!


DavRom -> RE: Podcasts (Apr. 14 2016 9:01:21)


DavRom -> RE: Podcasts (Apr. 23 2016 12:15:47)

just wanted to say i've been enjoying Nuestro Flamenco very much this past week while driving to work

i love how it starts with "un hombre y una guitarra"

José María Velázquez-Gaztelu voice has gotten better with age. love it

JLNims -> RE: Podcasts (May 10 2016 15:07:55)

I just came across this thread this morning. Thanks a bunch!
I have podcasts playing on my work computer as I work [;)]

DaveRom: You're right; love Jose's voice. [8D]


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