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siliconsoniquete -> Developing a practice routine (Jul. 8 2015 20:20:57)

I'm struggling to develop a good practice routine. Let's say I have about an hour a day to practice and I'm trying to learn some falsetas while also building up basic techniques (which are pretty strong but can always use work).

Even if I just spend 10 minutes on each technique (picado, alzapua, arpeggio, tremolo, rasgueado) that's already taken up my entire practice time and leaves no room for falsetas.

I know there's no right answer and a lot of this is probably personal preference. But I'd love to know how the great players on here balance their practice time:

-Do I even need to do technique exercises? Or will working on falsetas be enough?
-Should I alternate days, one day on technique on day on falsets?
-Would I be better off practicing two hours every couple of days instead of every day?

Bulerias2005 -> RE: Developing a practice routine (Jul. 10 2015 23:14:04)

There is a relevant discussion going on here:

But "practice routines" remind me of my short-lived lessons with the (at the time) head guitar instructor at the University of Minnesota... 8 or 9 years ago now. He was a strong advocate of practice journals in which students were supposed to enter minute details regarding what we worked on, problematic areas, how and what we can improve going forward, etc. For me personally, it was profoundly useless; the only thing I kept thinking about while writing in that journal was "I could be practicing right now." [:)]

Unless you feel really compelled to zero in on a particular technique, I see no reason why you can't learn falsetas that incorporate the techniques you would like to work on. I don't see the point in elaborate practice regimens for a variety of reasons... but one thing I'll say is that an hour a day is probably better than two hours every couple of days. Consistency is key!

Ricardo -> RE: Developing a practice routine (Jul. 11 2015 6:55:36)

As you are limited, I recommend put metronome on and focus all attention toward COMPAS.... Rhythm guitar playing. You will soon discover how the rest will fall into place more naturally and efficiently as your compas improves.

machopicasso -> RE: Developing a practice routine (Jul. 11 2015 10:05:26)


Do I even need to do technique exercises? Or will working on falsetas be enough?

Exercises can be helpful for developing proper technique early on. Once you've gotten the hang of a particular technique, then start learning a falseta which pushes you to develop that technique further.

If you're currently learning a falseta that emphasizes a particular technique, then use that falseta as a substitute for whatever exercise you might do for that technique.

JohnWalshGuitar -> RE: Developing a practice routine (Jul. 11 2015 10:53:22)

Do what Ricardo said. Work on compas all the time. Obviously if you are just learning techniques you will need to get them down in their own time but once you have the basics, just them in context by playing them in whatever palo in compas.

HeyDukeLives -> RE: Developing a practice routine (Nov. 30 2015 0:14:41)

Buddy Emmons, the great pedal steel virtuoso, said he often practiced in complete darkness. He said playing in the dark heightened his awareness of tone and dynamics, along with training his hands to always know where to go. Found this interesting, thought I'd share.

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