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ManosqueVuelan -> Requesting Sabicas "El Avellano" Transcription (Jun. 15 2015 12:37:28)

Can anyone look/or see if they can come up with tabs for the Zambra composed by Sabicas in the album "Guitars of Passion"?

If there are relative transcriptions, that would be just fine too.

edit: I am pretty sure there is a piece similar that was played with some falsetas of this song, like the one you hear in the album "Rock Encounter" by Sabicas & Joe Beck.

josecarlos -> RE: Requesting Sabicas "El Avellano" Transcription (Sep. 12 2015 16:42:43)

First time Im listening to this audio, and it varies quite a lot from other zambras I've heard, they only share the "aire" with the recordings I have.
As far as I know there is no transcription for this piece.

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