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oc chuck -> wider nut (Mar. 2 2015 7:15:44)

I'm looking for a factory guitar as a travel / beater guitar that
has a 53 mm or 54mm nut. Anyone know of such a beast?

Ricardo -> RE: wider nut (Mar. 2 2015 15:44:33)

Oddly they don't exist....I believe it to be the conspiracy to differentiate high end guitars from low end. But you can get a guitar in your personal price range with good sound and change the nut yourself. I recommend Sanchis Lopez. Here is an interesting thread:


bernd -> RE: wider nut (Mar. 3 2015 12:09:17)

A friend of mine is selling his HSL 2F. I´ll get it next weekend to make a video review on this guitar. He lives in Germany. If you are interested after the video has been published, I can give you his email adress.

keith -> RE: wider nut (Mar. 7 2015 9:43:17)

one option is to get a new nut with the string spacing the same as your non-beater guitar and put that nut on a beater that has a 52mm width.

bernd -> RE: wider nut (Mar. 7 2015 10:00:10)


one option is to get a new nut with the string spacing the same as your non-beater guitar and put that nut on a beater that has a 52mm width.

That´s an option but doesn´t generally mean it works. Taking this option means to take a careful look onto the fret ends. If the beveling starts in a distance of 2 or 3 mm to the edge of the fretboard, than this option won´t work for sure. If the E strings are too close to the begining bevel (less than 1.5 mm from the outside edge of string), than the string will be torn sideways off the fretboard just in the normal movememt of the finger while fretting the string.

Note that this option of the wider nut is clearly not as effective as desired if the string spacing at the bridge on the other guitar is smaller.

Sr. Martins -> RE: wider nut (Mar. 7 2015 13:15:18)

Another variable to consider is width at the 12th fret. Larger nut width doesn't mean that the rest of the fingerboard will be proportionally wider, even if the spacing at the bridge is 59/60.

milanlondons -> RE: wider nut (Mar. 31 2015 8:12:38)

Seventies Alhambra flamenco guitars had a wider width at the nut and quite a chuncky neck. The back is sycamore and they look a bit rough but the tone is lovely,really honest old school. If you can find one with a good action I am sure that you will be delighted with this no frills perfect beater guitar.

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