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Blues Demon -> Govi- Bumblebeat (Feb. 3 2015 17:56:43)

Hi sorry all I'm very new to this forum, and I have no idea if i'm posting this in the right section of the forum. I've just found this website today, and I must admit that it's very wonderful and filled with an abundance of flamenco based knowledge.

My question to you guys is. Do you have the tabs for Govi's Bumblebeat? I searched throughout the tab section, but I can't find any posts. I'm looking forward to future replies thank you all!

LeƱador -> RE: Govi- Bumblebeat (Feb. 3 2015 18:52:32)

Posting on the wrong forum. Lol [:D]

In all seriousness, you may have more luck with a jazz forum actually.
That's a good one I think.

tele -> RE: Govi- Bumblebeat (Feb. 13 2015 10:17:53)

Well govi playes sort of rumba sometimes[:)]

But it makes me wonder why often anything played by nylon strings guitar and a phrygian tonality is labeled as flamenco.

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