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lulallay -> Possible exchanges (Jan. 25 2015 12:26:58)

I want to exchange.I have large collection of partituras
Does anyone have any of the following fantastic materials?

1. Jose Antonio Rodriguez ;Farruca ( from "Viento del Navidad" )

2.Kai Narrezo :Sevillanas https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=57Z0N8PeobQ

3.Zapateado de alonso Alonso Acquire https://www.youtube.com

4. Serranito :Zapateado "Planta y Tacon " https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=MWE603w4kZs

5.Aljibe to Madera ..Miguel Angel Cortes https://www.youtube.com

6.Aromas del puerto Esteban sanlucar https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=-Eh0KfZO0_E

7.Buckaramanga Amir John Haddad

8.Jose luis monton Por permiso https://www.youtube.com

9.Daniel casares Al Maestro Antonio Rojas https://www.youtube.com

10.Jose luis monton ??? https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=6tyMe4JdZhc


El Kiko -> RE: Possible exchanges (Jan. 25 2015 13:31:50)

I learned the Kai Narrezo Sevillanas a while ago but not written down .. its fairly easy though i dont think you need notation to get it ..

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