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Escribano -> Creating tabs in your post (Dec. 9 2014 17:34:59)

I put this up a few years ago but for some reason which I forget, I took it down again. There is a newer version now, so if you would like to play with it and test it out, all you have to do is refer to the instructions HERE and then put your textual characters between [tab ] and [/tab ] Note: I have put some intentional spaces in there so you can see the codes, but leave them out in your post.

e.g. $5.2 $5.3 $4.2 $3.2 $2.1 Am F E between the tab code becomes:
$5.2 $5.3 $4.2 $3.2 $2.1 Am F E

It also works when you preview your post.

You can mix standard chords, custom chords and TAB notation.

Be sure to break up long lines with another set of tab codes or it will make the page very wide.

Let's see how it goes.

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