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dformell -> Gitaneria Arabesca (Nov. 30 2014 17:53:40)

I recently discovered a French website,, perhaps some of you know about it. Flamencoweb is an excellent source for free transcriptions. Music is expertly transcribed by Claude Worms in tablature along with a sound file of the original recording. Here's a direct link to Gitaneria Arabesca:

The website is in French only but not to difficult to navigate. There are many more transcriptions available from artists like Ramon Montoya, Luis Maravilla, Pepe Martinez etc.. All the transcriptions are by Claude Worms with sound files of the original recordings. The French are really into flamenco and have some excellent resources that are available to everyone. It is my sincere hope that members of the foro enjoy the information provided.

Richard Jernigan -> RE: Gitaneria Arabesca (Nov. 30 2014 20:17:19)

Thanks for the link.

For those who might like standard notation, search around in the Foro Tabs section for a transcription by Paul Magnussen. I ran across it just after I finished my own! They agree...


Paul Magnussen -> RE: Gitaneria Arabesca (Dec. 1 2014 2:38:47)

Fooled me there for a moment, Richard! That must be Ricardo’s Zambra Mora, right?

Glad to be of service; I took it down from Paco Peña’s dictation, so it’s definitely what he plays, at least.

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