hermanos sanchis lopez 2F or Navarro? (Full Version)

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mbira1 -> hermanos sanchis lopez 2F or Navarro? (Nov. 25 2014 17:13:43)

Hi everyone,
it is my first post here.
I am from Poland- so excuse me my english.. :)
I am looking for some nice flamenco student guitar - i had fiew- i like to chnge guitars for about 1000E....hmm,,, anyway: you know what will be better choice: Navarro student or hermanos sanchis lopez 2F? I think Navarro's are more hand made guitars.. am i right?
But i read a lot of good things about sanchiz also... any experiences?

timoteo -> RE: hermanos sanchis lopez 2F or Navarro? (Nov. 25 2014 17:39:16)

Did you use the search function in this forum? This has been discussed many times ...

gj Michelob -> RE: hermanos sanchis lopez 2F or Navarro? (Nov. 25 2014 20:10:00)


any experiences?

Yes, many. But no vicarious experience can replace your own.
Make sure you try (play) the instrument, and choose whatever feels and sounds right ... to you.

The saying, one man's garbage is another man's treasure is true for guitars as well.

And, incidentally, almost every new guitar -particularly those quick student productions- will require some further adjustment to really settle for you, typically the Saddle and maybe the Nut (along with choice of strings of course).

SephardRick -> RE: hermanos sanchis lopez 2F or Navarro? (Nov. 25 2014 20:47:20)

Welcome to the forum Michal.

Personally, the current generation of Sanchis are hard to beat. They are bright and articulate. The quality is consistently good. The action is a little high, but easily can be lowered.

mbira1 -> RE: hermanos sanchis lopez 2F or Navarro? (Nov. 26 2014 12:01:08)

Thank you all! :)
Yes that is what i mean with experience- a lot of topics here about sanchis guitars are quite old... and quality of series of instument change..
Unfortunatelly i have no chance to try them out.. so.
It looks like i will stay with sanchis.
Thanks again:)

bernd -> RE: hermanos sanchis lopez 2F or Navarro? (Nov. 26 2014 17:42:00)

I tried the 2F a few years ago several times an already owned a one of a kind model 1.PS Especial. By my experience the 2F has a wide spread for standard factory models. The Navarro student model I only could hear. Both guitars sound quite different. Via my hearing impression I would rather tend go for the 2F, because it sounds more to professional an even mostly it does for sure, depending on the individual model in order to its spreading.

Regarding scale & width it could be important to small hand size, the 2F has 660/52 mm.

sig -> RE: hermanos sanchis lopez 2F or Navarro? (Nov. 26 2014 17:48:39)

Welcome to the Foro. I agree with the others, try the search function and see what the various opinions may be about these two instruments. I have played a Navarro student model and it was very good for the money, but that's only my opinion and you might have a different experience. I can't really speak to the HSL 2F as I haven't played one, but I've heard good things about them in the past. Another issue is guitars change over the years, one model may be great for a few years and then something changes and maybe not so good. The other thing is if you could try several of the same exact model and of the three, one may be good and the other two may be duds for a number of reasons, playability, tone, overall feel. Lots of variables...

The best advice has already been given, try as many as possible before you make a buying decsion. The problem that most of us have is its darn near impossible to try out various flamenco guitars in one place. Its really a matter of personal taste and unless you can try several maker's guitars at the same time you may never know which you feel is better. If you are a beginner or intermediate player, either of these instruments would be a fine choice. They are both fairly easy to resell if you get tired of flamenco or if you advance and feel that you want to move up to a luthier grade level guitar.

Good luck on your search!

Xavi -> RE: hermanos sanchis lopez 2F or Navarro? (Nov. 27 2014 18:06:35)

czesc mbira1, welcome to the forum. Both of those sound like great candidates in that range and are well regarded. Good luck!

Arash -> RE: hermanos sanchis lopez 2F or Navarro? (Nov. 27 2014 21:29:52)

I played and tried out a lot of sanchis guitars. 2F, 1F, 1F Extra, Ricardo Sanchis.
Good guitars for the money. Sometimes minor cosmetic issues and minor quality issues here and there with these "factory" 2F guitars. Some 2Fs were better than others. But all in all good guitars. Sound is great.

bernd -> RE: hermanos sanchis lopez 2F or Navarro? (Nov. 27 2014 21:59:38)

I agree. Sound is great but craftsmanship is very lousy.

mbira1 -> RE: hermanos sanchis lopez 2F or Navarro? (Nov. 28 2014 11:14:25)

Thank you once again... yes i know this are factory made guitars and buying any instrument without personal try is not the best idea.. that is why i am asking in general. And i see in general sanchis are nice choice so i will probably take a risk.. and what is more buying directly from them you can pay a part and the rest in a year or so.. [:D]

Thanks for help. This is nice foro flamenco[;)]

AndresL -> RE: hermanos sanchis lopez 2F or Navarro? (Sep. 2 2015 17:58:30)

Mbira-So what did you choose? I've had both guitars. The Sanchis 2F was more raspy-more of a true flamenco sound. And yes, a longer scale length which I noticed only a little. I thought the Navarro was made better but sounded like a cross between a classical and a flamenco. Very nicely finished, though. If you are still looking, I think the 2F might be closer to a Navarro concert model which you might find once in awhile and would be worth trying-I'd say play them first. I had a Navarro concert blanca for a short time (cedar top) and thought it was too warm-sounding for my taste.

HeyDukeLives -> RE: hermanos sanchis lopez 2F or Navarro? (Nov. 29 2015 22:10:31)

My first flamenco was a Navarro Student Blanca - pegs and French polish finish for $950.....kind of a ridiculously good deal.
I was very happy with it for the 2 years I had it before ' upgrading '. Dry and raspy, well made, authentic in sound and looks.
Haven't played any Sanchis Lopez guitars, unfortunately.

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