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revendel -> Unstable hands (Nov. 13 2014 1:48:07)

My right hand is extremely unstable when trying to play tremolo. I can't get past 220bpm on the tremolo fingers for Fuente y caudal. Have any other beginners experienced this kind of jerking?

eitanfar -> RE: Unstable hands (Nov. 13 2014 5:07:10)

It sounds like you might be straining your hand too much. If your hand is relaxed and you play tremelo with ease (no matter at what speed) no jerking should happen.
Did you practice gradually to gain more speed ? From my own experience, it took me quite a lot of time to develop the speed needed to play tremelo well (several months at a time when I was practicing several hours a day ...).

revendel -> RE: Unstable hands (Nov. 13 2014 10:05:16)

I've noticed that this speed is the worst when the room is cold. I started Fuente y caudal at 100bpm on the tremolo line.

Ricardo -> RE: Unstable hands (Nov. 13 2014 13:16:26)

make sure your pulgar is coming to rest on the adjacent string whenever it is possible. This stabalizes the hand a lot, and actually allows you to add power and tone to the fingers. If you are not doing this, approach the technique from this perspective:

P......iamiP........iamiP...... where you have a long pause AFTER pulgar plays and rests on the next string, feeling the stability there. As you increase your tempo you dont' need to speed up the fingers doing iami...you just close the gap or pause time. Good luck.


revendel -> RE: Unstable hands (Nov. 14 2014 17:47:40)

My hand stability has improved dramatically after playing like this for a few hours. Thanks!! Do you keep your thumb resting on the next string while doing the tremolo as an anchor point? Or do you take your thumb off after the rest stroke?

Also, am I correct to say that it is not necessary to do this when the tremolo and bass strings are too close or even next to each other?

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