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jg7238 -> An Intro for something? (Nov. 3 2014 17:16:26)

Working on an intro for something.. Not sure for what it could be used for but wanted to post this...

LeƱador -> RE: An Intro for something? (Nov. 5 2014 3:41:41)

It could be used on Testaments next album!
I dig it, and I can picture some brutal thrash metal right after [:D]

jg7238 -> RE: An Intro for something? (Nov. 5 2014 18:03:56)

Thanks Lenador!

cristina -> RE: An Intro for something? (Nov. 6 2014 5:55:15)

very gentle, meditative flowing this! rhythm of waters?

Maybe an intro for your own "Take Nine"? ("Take Five" from Brubeck is the past)

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