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ManosqueVuelan -> Granada Arabe (Oct. 22 2014 0:23:01)

Anyone know where I could find tablature for 'Granada Arabe'?
It sounds amazing and reminds me of Danza Mora by Sabicas.

Paul Magnussen -> RE: Granada Arabe (Oct. 22 2014 17:07:09)

But it’s staff notation only.

ManosqueVuelan -> RE: Granada Arabe (Oct. 22 2014 20:43:55)

Thanks Paul, much appreciated.

dformell -> RE: Granada Arabe (Oct. 30 2014 20:01:28)

It looks like the link provided by Mr. Magnussen has been deleted. Here's a link to the Mills Guitar Album which contains Granada Arabe.

This was uploaded by me a couple years ago. The music is in standard notation only. If you have trouble contact me and I'll send you a copy directly.


ManosqueVuelan -> RE: Granada Arabe (Oct. 30 2014 21:11:48)

Wow, thanks for the heads up dformell, it came with a bonus too!(Zambra Arabe and lamento gitano, etc...)

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