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BarkellWH -> Flamenco at Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix (Sep. 28 2014 17:58:17)

For Miguel and other flamencos in the Phoenix-Tempe-Scottsdale area. I just spoke telephonically with a long-time friend who lives in Phoenix, and she is going to see a flamenco show this Friday, October 3, at the Desert Botanical Garden. The group is called Flamenco por la Vida. Is this a new group or has it been around for awhile? I love the Desert Botanical Garden. It is beautifully laid out, and I have attended other events there when I have been in town. It is a great venue for a flamenco show.

Does Lydia Torea still have her flamenco troupe? I know she does not perform anymore, but at least a couple of years ago she still maintained her group. And is Gaetano still performing in the area? It seems to me that, anecdotally at least, there appears to be a livelier flamenco scene in the Phoenix-Tempe-Scottsdale area today than there was even three or four years ago. Is that the case, or am i just projecting my wishes on the scene?


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