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Don Dionisio -> Ricardo Marlow concert in NC, USA (Sep. 15 2014 17:45:02)

The Triangle Guitar Society is proud to present

with special guest cantaor, Jose Oretea

Saturday, September 27, 2014 8:00 pm
Carrboro Century Center
100 N. Greensboro St. Carrboro, NC U.S.A.
$20 general public

For more information www.triangleguitar.org or send me a PM.

Don Dionisio -> RE: Ricardo Marlow concert in NC, USA (Sep. 25 2014 12:19:46)


Don Dionisio -> RE: Ricardo Marlow concert in NC, USA (Sep. 29 2014 12:36:48)

Ricardo's concert in Carrboro/Chapel Hill, NC this past Saturday was nothing short of fantastic. This was the third time Ricardo has performed for my guitar society, Triangle Guitar Society. The show was in two halves, with the first half being mostly solos and the second half a combination of solos and cante accompaniment.
He opened the show with a masterfully played original,Tarantas/Fandangos and continued with a beautiful Solea por medio. He did a "Paco Suite" which included Panaderos Flamencos, Guajiras de Lucia, an original Alegrias dedicated to Paco, and a collection of his favorite bulerias falsetas by Paco. He ended the first half with a bulerias in which his friend, Jose Oretea, sang. The second half contained more of Ricardo's masterful original solos including a new Rumba as well as a Solea, Bulerias fin de fiesta, and Sevillanas with cante and dance from our local dancers.
Overall, this show was exciting from beginning to end with wonderful variety. His cante accompaniment can be described as restrained passion; his accompaniment is dynamic and rhythmic but never intrusive. Ricardo possesses the technical prowess necessary for world-class flamenco performance with a strong understanding of rhythm and an intuition that is gained from experience in the art form.
If you have the opportunity, you should attend one of his shows. If you have the means, you should arrange for him to play in your location.
We do not allow video-taping at our events, so I don't have a video to share.

[sm=Smiley Guitar.gif][sm=Smiley Guitar.gif]

LeƱador -> RE: Ricardo Marlow concert in NC, USA (Sep. 29 2014 18:44:42)

Sounds great. LA is certainly lacking in the Ricardo department......I'll have to talk to some organizers about what can be done...

Ricardo -> RE: Ricardo Marlow concert in NC, USA (Sep. 30 2014 5:28:17)

Thanks again for the opportunity, and nice write up! It's always a breath of fresh air when there is serious aficion and good organization for events like this. Just a note, the second half ended with Jose singing Tangos...confusion was he walked out on stage early for the bulerias and I just had him do palmas. [:D] But just a point, I played the tangos falsetas from my CD, in B phrygian (like Granaina), but revamped without the drop B 6th string. I remember someone asked about tangos in B a while back and keep forgetting to load a video of this version.

Anyway hope to be back again!!


Don Dionisio -> RE: Ricardo Marlow concert in NC, USA (Oct. 1 2014 15:00:08)

Here's a photo of Ricardo and Jose: He was using a Stephen Faulk blanca on this
piece. The guitar was quite powerful and had a nice response in all registers-certainly
very concert-worthy.

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