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belize -> First Flamenco guitar. Which one? (Jul. 7 2014 8:29:15)

Hi. I am new to this forum. I live in Austria where Flamenco isnt well known at all. It is hard to find a teacher here or even a store that sells Flamenco guitars. With playing flamneco i started several years back, but had to make a break coz of work abroad and didnt get to play much guitar at all for a while. A few months back I found my guitarbooks and started again with such a motivation that ist even hard to leave the house.^^

Now i guess i reached a point where it would be interesting to play a real flamenco guitar. The Instrument I am playing now is a Antonio Ruben normal classic guitar. So the last days I have been checking a lot about guitars in the Internet. My Budget is limited, I dont wanna spend more than 1700 euros.

Since i cant go to a store and try the guitar (theres None anywhere close), I have to order online. Soon i found that Website Mundo-flamenco that seems trustworthy and the owner says he tries out each guitar befor he buys it. Guitars there in my pricelevel are Camps Primeras (blanco or negra) and Sanchis Lopez 2F.

Does anyone have experience with those guitars? I tend more to the camps primera. I really want an Instrument that keeps me happy for Long.


Ruphus -> RE: First Flamenco guitar. Which one? (Jul. 7 2014 10:06:18)

Hi Max,

You can grab this one with shipping costs included ( with USPS under $200, and they are safer than any of the private shippers).
Could only be that VAT come in annoyingly. However, you might eventually declare below costs to prevent that.

This is a true chance for bargain.
If you´ll go for it, you can count with this choice to significantly outperfom what there usually is in the shelves at your price tag. It might even be good enough to stay your favorite for decades to come.


Thinking it over, with your budget in € you could pay tax & duty and even keep over some pocket money.

belize -> RE: First Flamenco guitar. Which one? (Jul. 7 2014 20:34:17)

Looks nice, though i wish for one with spruce top since i got a cedar one already (a classical).

fyr4efect -> RE: First Flamenco guitar. Which one? (Jul. 7 2014 21:19:00)

Francisco Navarro. well made. great bang for the buck. Theres a guy on this site Ramon Amira who a dealer.

Ruphus -> RE: First Flamenco guitar. Which one? (Jul. 7 2014 21:53:38)


ORIGINAL: belize

Looks nice, though i wish for one with spruce top since i got a cedar one already (a classical).

I lean towards spruce in general, which however won´t defeat the irony that my two favorite guitars are cedar toped.

If you search on this or other guitar forums you will find that these woods characteristics are not being consistent, with often enough one of the two fully presenting the characteristics typically ascribed to the other.

Whether cedar or spruce, they won´t reliably make for distinctive difference, and lesser even with handbuilt luthier specimens and the tonal aims a builder might have had in mind ( by far outperforming structurally what the individual tops wood could had set for).

I don´t think this one to be nice looking. Actually, usually taken by the special beauty of his makes, this is the first Culpepper guitar not appealing to my eyes ( probably fueled by the unfavourable angle of the camera / optically squeezed plantilla).

From there, if you are after vague clues like about which connifers top or what visual aesthetics, maybe stay with serial production choice.

But if playability and sound are of priority, know that we are talking different categories of instrument.
For Primeras or Sanchis there was no time in production for anyone to competently tap and plan some sheet until it be ready to perfectly transfer vibes of the bridge through the corpus and into your diaphragm.

You need to hit a lucky strike for any estudio to come close to the resonating beast of a good builder, and usually it will hardly match the dynamic range, tonal depth and variety yet.
It´s like comparing Clark shoes with Italian cobbler ones.

If I was in your situation I would e-mail Andy and ask him how that guitar compares to his current standard. And if he confirms it to be roughly in that league, consider that the purchase will provide a quality that usually costs three to ~ nine times as much, depending on where you buy.
There are also many YT-vids of his guitars which you can listen to and get a feeling for the explicite voice he produces.

Or you can stick to the factory level. As you like it ( according to Shakespear).

Me can´t tell about Camps Primeras, but that Sanchis can be decent. ( Only that meanwhile I hear fellows saying that the production would have become inconsistant / you can have duds with them too. So, better find a batch you can play through to figure out the best item.)

Cheers and good luck,


Leñador -> RE: First Flamenco guitar. Which one? (Jul. 7 2014 22:09:36)

Check the craigslist type classifieds in your area for a while, you may be surprised what pops up...

changue -> RE: First Flamenco guitar. Which one? (Jul. 8 2014 9:42:36)

I got a Sanchis Lopez 2F from the Mundo-Flamenco guy about a year ago and I think it is an excellent guitar for the money. My experience with Mundo-Flamenco was very good - no problems of any kind.

Good luck,


wedge -> RE: First Flamenco guitar. Which one? (Jul. 9 2014 0:21:21)

I have a Camps Primera A blanco and love it. For a little bit more I was able to get a beautiful Ethan Deutsch with a minor flaw - contact him and see what he has.

cristina -> RE: First Flamenco guitar. Which one? (Jul. 9 2014 11:35:47)


If you are living not far from Viena > visit the guitarshop Haid, 8. Bez., there you can try some guitars and play as long as you want - I think, they have got always 20 - 30 guit. flamencas, p.e.

A. Burguet,
J. Hernandez
R. Sanchis
Sanchis Lopes
Vega Marin

belize -> RE: First Flamenco guitar. Which one? (Jul. 9 2014 11:46:51)

hi guys thanks for the replys :)


I checkd in YouTube the guitars of Andy and no doubt his guitar are increddible nice. For that certain guitar he is offering it its the cedar and rosewood that makes me think. Because its a negra which makes the tone softer + the cedar top which has a more mellow tone than spruce as well.

For my new guitar i intend to go A bit further to the Flamenco Sound. In Andys description he call it a classical/Flamenco hybrid.

About Camps guitars i was contacting Johannes from the Mundo guitarshop who told me those guitars are all handmade in a small spanish Workshop. I found a Review on Guitar Salon International too that sounds pretty nice.

@wedge. How is the sustain of your blanca?, is it a guitar thts only usuable for Flamenco or also for other styles? nd what do you think about the playability?

@Cristina. Sevas :) Im from Graz so its not that far away and certainly a good idea to check there, Thanks for the info


Ruphus -> RE: First Flamenco guitar. Which one? (Jul. 9 2014 17:08:46)

Got your drift, Max!
I wish you a satisfactory purchase.

Johannes´ store ought to be worth a visit ( and Freibrug is a really friendly place too, if it only ressembles my experience from decades ago, - which it probably will with all those historical buildings, etc.), as it must be offering the largest number of flamencas in Europe.
And from my talks with him, Johannes seems to be a no-BS type of person, which must be only supporting your case of finding the right guitar.


kenjo138 -> RE: First Flamenco guitar. Which one? (Jul. 10 2014 19:06:40)

You can't go wrong with a Fransisco Navarro Reyes model. The price and quality are there. The Camps Primera and Sanchis Lopez 2F are both great guitars. I would suggest you take them for a test drive before buying.

belize -> RE: First Flamenco guitar. Which one? (Jul. 27 2014 8:45:11)

Hi guys.. Thanks for all the help! I got myself a Camps Negra now and got it on friday :) And i think it was the right choice :) No guitar i ever tryd was that easy to Play. And the Sound is great too. (taken into account that I havnt played much on expansive guitars)


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