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Dotdotdot Flamenco -> Dotdotdot Flamenco Company - No Frills (Jul. 3 2014 12:05:26)

Dotdotdot Flamenco Company will be premiering their new show No Frills at the Buxton Fringe Festival before moving on to London's Lost Theatre.

The creative team:
Yinka Esi Graves - Dancer / Choreographer (Kataka Fusion Dance Company)
Noemí Luz - Dancer / Choreographer (Canal Sur TV)
Magdalena Mannion - Dancer / Choreographer (Soloist at Corral de la Morería, Madrid)
Liam Howarth - Music Director (Flamenquito, Seville)
Design: La Niña Pobre and Flamencura (Seville)

“No Frills” asks the spectator to put aside their preconceptions of what flamenco is and urges you to give in to its rhythms, its melodies, its energy and its power. Dotdotdot Flamenco Company’s premise is to take away the frills to expose flamenco’s true essence.

Six young international performers bring this original collaborative work straight from Spain to the Lost Theatre, drawing on their experience performing on stages across four continents to celebrate Flamenco's raw energy. Previous work by company members at the Brighton Fringe has been deemed 'splendid, vibrant and free flowing'.


Tuesday 22nd July at 7:30pm
Wednesday 23rd, Thursday 24th and Thursday 25th July at 9pm
No Frills
Buxton Fringe Festival
The Arts Centre,
St John's Road,
Derbyshire SK17 6XN
Box Office: 02081 440 070
Tickets: £8 Concessions: £7

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th July
Summer Intensive Courses in Manchester

Thursday 31st July and Friday 1st August at 7:30pm
No Frills
The Lost Theatre,
208 Wandsworth Rd,
London SW8 2JU
Box Office: 020 7622 9208
Tickets: £16 Concessions: £14

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd August
Summer Intensive Courses at the Lost Theatre

For more information and interviews please contact

Noemí Luz
Sp (+34) 6776 17662
(+34) 6383 75992
UK (+44) (0)788 152 6123

johnnefastis -> RE: Dotdotdot Flamenco Company - No Frills (Jul. 27 2014 19:13:56)

Hi all,

We just had an amazing weekend in Manchester with Dot Dot Dot.

The show in Buxton was really great, so much energy.

The workshop was fantastic, the team managed to cover Cante, Baile, Percussion, Accompaniment Cante and Baile. It was really nicely broken down into accessible chunks and then put together at the end.

If you are around in London and are interested I think you will really enjoy it.


Flamingrae -> RE: Dotdotdot Flamenco Company - No Frills (Aug. 3 2014 14:11:27)

and......the London show was pretty hot too. I went Friday evening and it blew everyone's socks off. Thank you all[:)][:)][:)][:)][:D][:D][:D][:D]

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