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kudo -> top 3 world cup teams? (Jul. 1 2014 23:03:50)

so 8 teams left now- who will be the top 3?? I think Argentina, Brasil, Netherlands

withinity -> RE: top 3 world cup teams? (Jul. 2 2014 9:37:15)

If I had to guess i would say the same 3 you have mentioned additionally possibly Germany. In the grand scheme of things though there really hasn't been an outstanding side leauges beyond the others in this tournament so it could go a few ways.

mezzo -> RE: top 3 world cup teams? (Jul. 2 2014 9:46:31)

Brazil and Argentina are the most boring teams in the 8 list with a poor game level. I don't think they gonna pass the semifinal (if they reach it btw).

jg7238 -> RE: top 3 world cup teams? (Jul. 3 2014 20:04:33)

If Colombia keeps playing the way they are, I think they have a pretty good chance of making it to the finals.

Xavi -> RE: top 3 world cup teams? (Jul. 4 2014 16:03:18)

Messi is single-handedly advancing Argentina to date (with a bit of help from Di Maria)
Neymar is advancing Brazil
Robben/RVP are advancing the Dutch through sheer will, talent (and some expert diving)
Columbia is the most exciting team advancing
Germany and France are hot and cold.
Hats off to Costa Rica's run, but time is up.

My original bracket has a Germany v Argentina final. Messi MOM.

Great tournament so far, IMO.

rombsix -> RE: top 3 world cup teams? (Jul. 5 2014 1:28:57)

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