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"El cante y el baile con Antonio El Pola"
23rd and 24th of May
566 Cable Street, Limehouse, E1W3HB London
Bookings and more info: / 07791482233

Solea, Solea Por Bulerías.
22nd in between 3 and 7 private lessons and small groups (coaching) £40
23rd from 7 to 9 Solea workshop
24th from 3 to 5 Solea workshop £45

Workshop with special guest flamenco singer and guitar player Antonio El Pola". This is class seeks to explore and understand the important relation between cante y baile. The class also covers different kinds and character of Soleares (Cadiz, Triana, Alcala etc) and some improvisational techniques. We will also have the opportunity to try our own material in relation with el cante.
This is a unique opportunity for dancers, singers and guitar players!!!
At the begininng of the class Natalia García-Huidobro will teach Solea choreography and tools to interact within the cante, and El Pola will explain the different posibillities of this interaction.
Known for his extensive knowledge of flamenco history, his musical ability and his dedication to the "pure" art form. His close ties with patriarchs of the Andalusian flamenco community continue a tradition that some feel is threatened by international growth .
Born in the small village of Cañada Rosal in Ecíja, his exposure to Flamenco started as a small child, when his father took him to the local peñas. By age 10, El Pola was playing guitar and singing traditional flamenco cante.
Moving to Sevilla in 2001, he toured with Concha Vargas, Antonio Moya, and Inéz Bacan and sang in La Carbonería (Sevilla), alongside Gaspar Utrera and Juan Castor.
He has also worked with Juana Amaya, Javier Cruz, Joselito Fernandez, Soraya Clavijo, Miguel "El Funi," Manuel de Anustias, José de la Buena, Guillermo Mansano, Maria Pena, Jesus de la Frasquita, brothers Paco and Juan del Gastor, Luis Peña, and Javier Heredia.
In the summer of 2003,he wrote and recorded "Tierra de Esperanza," accompanied by Antonio Moya on guitar. And was commissioned by the Universidad Pablo de Olavide de Sevilla to present his work throughout Andalucía, sharing the stage with Ines Bacan and Gaspar de Utrera.
Since then, he has been touring Japan, Ecuador, Finland, and the United States. He works frequently with Juan del Gastor in Sevilla, and at Corral de la Morería, Cardamomo, and other top Madrid penas with artists such as Gabriel de la Tomasa, Carlos Jacoba and Antonio Sánchez.

Interview with Antonio El Pola

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