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keith -> gasing out time (Apr. 23 2014 14:35:02)

several weeks ago i stripped and reworked the shape of a cordoba classical guitar and then finished it with poly--the store brand stuff. i was playing it this morning and i still notice the smell of the poly. what is the usual 'gasing out' time for poly? is there anything one can do to hasten the process other than putting the guitar out of the case while not playing it or will i need to burn incense while i play it for the next few months? by the way, i figured out why cordoba used colored poly goop-poop for the neck. the wood is somewhere between quartered and flat sawn and the colored goop-poop did a good job of hiding the less than quartered grain. thankfully there is the ebony strip.


C. Vega -> RE: gasing out time (Apr. 23 2014 15:05:31)

The "poly" used by most guitar factories is usually a two-part catalyzed polyester (though in some cases a catalyzed polyurethane) and both cure by chemical reaction. The components must be measured very accurately and mixed and applied quickly since the curing reaction starts as soon as they are mixed.
There are also some that are cured by very strong UV light (Taylor guitars) and the full cure takes only seconds. All require special and expensive equipment for application and curing as well as protection for the finisher. The finishing guys at Taylor wear what look like space suits when spraying the stuff. Nasty stuff, that.
Don't confuse these finishes with the "Harry Homeowner" grade stuff. They're totally different animals.

The typical consumer/do-it-yourselfer stuff from the hardware or paint store cures primarily by solvent evaporation and can take quite a while to fully cure. What you're smelling are the solvents.

keith -> RE: gasing out time (Apr. 23 2014 15:34:16)

thanks charles. looks like i may need to buy a package of incense sold by the owners of the gas station down the street from me.

C. Vega -> RE: gasing out time (Apr. 23 2014 17:13:55)

Yeah, incense purchased from a gas station...what a great idea! Cover up one bad chemical smell with another. Double your fun. [8|]

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