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Kalo -> Yamaha CGX171SCF Flamenco HELP (Apr. 11 2014 22:21:12)

Hi Guys,

If this isn't the place to post my questions, please let me know and I will delete and try to repost in the correct area of the forum.

Problem: 5 months ago, I purchased a second hand Yamaha Yamaha CGX171SCF Flamenco! It is a cutaway with a TRUST ROD.

So, when I first got the guitar it played fine!

5 months later, the guitar is buzzing on the B string, G string and A string especially when I place a capo on it. Open the A string rattles and so does the B string.

I looked down the neck it seemed to me that it was totally FLAT! The action is way low. I don't know measurments cause I still haven't unloaded my tools from moving.

I took the guitar two a local luthier who has a great rep.

I was basically going to have the guitar setup and replace the saddle with bone. It currently has plastic.

The luthier came out looked down the guitar and agreed that the neck was flat and took out his allen wrench and put a slight bow in the neck.

It seem to temporarly help! I went home and put new strings and let the guitar settle in for a day or two.

Now two weeks later the guitar is still buzzing and it doesn't sound clear plus since the luthier bowed the neck a little it feel as the pulsation feels stiff. I don't like it at all.

I was thinking of taking it back and having the saddle replace to bone with correct measurements for flamenco guitar.

Do you think I am wasting time doing this?

I know it is hard to diagnosed without seeing the problem..

Even though this Yamaha is cool maybe I should of purchased a Navarro student and have Marlon make me a 50mm nut. Since owning this Yamaha which does have a 50mm nut it is easy to play.

Any advise would be helpful.


Pgh_flamenco -> RE: Yamaha CGX171SCF Flamenco HELP (Apr. 11 2014 23:03:58)

It's difficult to tell if a neck is straight with putting a straight-edge on it. Also, some of these issues can be hard to diagnose without having the guitar in my own hands. You should try checking the frets with a fret rocker if the neck is straight. A tech who just eye-balls a guitar might not be able to tell if there is a problem.

Kalo -> RE: Yamaha CGX171SCF Flamenco HELP (Apr. 12 2014 0:04:20)

Thanks PGH!

I will bring it back.

This guy just rushed me out and didn't even want to keep it to see.

He looked at it briefly and bowed the neck a little.

I guess he as too busy putting together his hand made electric "kit" guitars [8|]


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