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Ruphus -> RE: That throaty gnarly VA growl (Apr. 6 2014 0:53:19)



I've got my Aria travel guitar to hand as I'm reading this and have just done an experiment. Pulling the string up and letting go produces very little lateral string movement (parallel to soundboard), and pulling to the side produces a lot. Which is what O-level physics tells us - so my little experiment was really unnecessary. Lesson of the day: don't always believe what people say!

I suppose you could be candidate for out of all elaborating on how belief works.

To pull up a string and let it slam against the neck would be quite the self-fooling method for voluntarily seek of predefined result.

Maybe for a change try rest strokes in both directions. [8|]
And, just in case; make sure to engage similar amount of energy.


mellowmel -> RE: That throaty gnarly VA growl (Apr. 6 2014 3:51:52)



I used to copy that sound in my VA fanboy phase
However his music doesn't move me that much anymore.

Is this even possible? Jejeje. So who are you a fanboy of these days?
Also, which guitar was that with the VA autograph?

machopicasso -> RE: That throaty gnarly VA growl (Apr. 6 2014 9:08:55)


Iam done with this topic.

It's not clear what this topic ever was.

Sr. Martins -> RE: That throaty gnarly VA growl (Apr. 6 2014 11:34:04)

Clean your screen.

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