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escot -> Cafe Del Mundo (Mar. 19 2014 11:15:04)

Been around this form long enough to witness the characters and their opinions in this form... so I'm very curious to your opinions on these new videos posted on mundo-flamenco's youtube of this duo I had previously not heard of.

Aretium -> RE: Cafe Del Mundo (Mar. 19 2014 11:32:30)

I loved it! I didn't like the Solea as much but the rumba was great and the Bulerias was interesting. The guitar on the left has nice trebles.

C. Vega -> RE: Cafe Del Mundo (Mar. 19 2014 12:06:20)

Ah dun gotta get me a pair of them there red shoes.

escot -> RE: Cafe Del Mundo (Mar. 19 2014 12:09:22)

well that and hair dye of course???

C. Vega -> RE: Cafe Del Mundo (Mar. 19 2014 12:32:23)

Of course.

El Kiko -> RE: Cafe Del Mundo (Mar. 19 2014 12:36:14)

does anyone ever drink that wine or what ?..cos i'm really thirsty .....

Its traditional to make a flamenco video with a glass of wine on the table and not drink it ......very different from the peƱas I know in Cordoba ....[:D]

el carbonero -> RE: Cafe Del Mundo (Mar. 19 2014 15:06:03)

not at all flamenco

Aretium -> RE: Cafe Del Mundo (Mar. 19 2014 15:16:43)

Can I say one more thing, why post something asking for other opinions without mentioning your own? Are you scared what others say, that others dictate your taste in music?

After listening again, its too smooth like elevator music, but I still like it.

rombsix -> RE: Cafe Del Mundo (Mar. 19 2014 15:27:29)

It's cool but not as rhythmic & aggressive as I would like it for flamenco in general. It is a bit too repetitive also. But very well recorded & definitely pleasant to the ears. Cheers!

edguerin -> RE: Cafe Del Mundo (Mar. 19 2014 16:12:42)

Nice. A bit too fusion / latin for my taste though.
@ el carbonero: if you mean the music (rather than the wine), I tend to agree [:D]

escot -> RE: Cafe Del Mundo (Mar. 19 2014 19:15:55)

aretium - you're right I should have posted my thoughts... but just because I didn't doesn't mean I'm scared? I couldn't care less in other peoples tastes, I have odd ones myself, but for me I think its a bit too "poppy" sounding, sometimes generic-y but it has its moments. They are technically sound and that's what I was impressed with the most. I think it would be very hard to play duo guitars both basically acting as lead guitar, and they do a good job with that without it being too fussy. I agree with ramzi that it isn't aggressive enough.

pink -> RE: Cafe Del Mundo (Mar. 19 2014 21:39:37)

I think its really good in fact quite clever.....great to see two guitarists playing together who understand each other musically and obviously enjoy playing together.
If I was in a lift and this was playing I'd probably hang on in there for a couple of extra laps!! Thanks for sharing.



Aretium -> RE: Cafe Del Mundo (Mar. 19 2014 21:46:46)

Escot - sorry, maybe what i wrote seemed harsh, but it wasn't intended in that way, hard to convey such precise thoughts across the modem hehe. I agree 100% with your analysis, it was nice but as in a previous thread, flamenco is not about nice, we need that dissonance and complexity,

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